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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Haitian Family Needs Us

Please read e-mail First before you listen to understand. Interview with me on 102.3 FM KJL

Help us pack donations & Recession Fundraiser:

This Saturday November 19, 2010 and next Saturday November 27, 2010 Mothers for Africa invites you to help pack donations to be sent to Haiti. The donations are clothes, food and medical supplies. Food and drinks will be provided. It will start at 10:00 AM on both Saturdays. Please call us for more information at 626-710-6676. If you would like to bring medical supplies and bags of rice and beans please feel free to do so. Also, if you have any boxes lying around bring those too for packing. If it rains packing will be rescheduled.

Recession Fundraiser:

We at Mothers for Africa & Light Path for Haiti have been offered a really good deal to purchase transportation that we will utilize to transport our staff on the ground in Haiti. We are purchasing a van and a truck that will be used to transport supplies and set up Mobil clinics.

If we could get Six hundred people to go online and donate $10.00 at or mail us $10.00 to P.O. Box 6579, Altadena CA, 91003 we will have enough to purchase the vehicles and ship our supplies, If you can afford to send more money please do so, your donation will be spent wisely. Remember we are a 501 c 3 and it is a tax right off. For the record none of the money donated has been utilized to pay for our staff's airline tickets or our cost on the ground!
Building Housing in Haiti:
We have applied for our first grants to start building housing in Haiti.

Progress from last trip:
On our last trip we were able to feed 4 thousand people, sponsor more children; some of the children were on the brink of death from starvation. Please go online and sponsor a child today for as little as $26.00 a month or more.

Also, on our last trip our Volunteer Jackie started a Micro Loan project for women to rebuild their business. The women have already begun to pay back the money. The money will be recycled to others to help start more businesses. Please contact us if you are interested in this project 626-710-6676.

Letter to USAID:
I have attached a letter I sent to Mr. Porter from USAID regarding a conversation I had with him. I discovered that USAID was not passing out food stored in warehouses because I was invited by Congresswoman Maxine Walters to an update meeting on Haiti. The Congresswoman questioned him why USAID was not passing out food from the warehouses.  Mr. Porter replied because they were waiting to see if there was going to be a hurricane.  I spoke to him after the meeting and advised him that people were starving in Petit Goave Haiti. I got his card and follow-up with him about the situation. He advised me that I was mistaken and that there were no people starving in Petit Goave (which was the epic center of the earthquake).  I sent him the attached letter.  I called him and this is what he stated: There is now food for the people of Petit Goave Haiti to purchase".  I asked him with what money? He stated: "People are now working just as much as they were before the earthquake". I advised him that I did not have statistics in hand, but that would seem impossible with most of the infrastructure destroyed from the earthquake. I also, advised him how I ran into two contractors from the US who could not get through the red tape and where on their way back home, so who is hiring the people.  He then stated: "We (USAID) have food distribution centers in Petit Goave". I asked him were where they so we could send people to get food. He told me he would call me back and let me know. This was two weeks ago.

I followed up with an aid in Maxine Waters's office and she advised me that she spoke with Mr. Porter per my request and he advised her that I was mistaken about the starvation and that I did not know the definition of starvation. I advised her that we went to Haiti with a Medical team licensed to practice in the US and that they diagnosed the people not me. Nothing was resolved.  I will do a follow up with them again next week and keep you posted. Please see video footage I attached of a two in half year old girl that was diagnosed as starving, she has since sponsored by us. Also, go to the website and see the child I sponsored. He is sitting in a chair. He was fourteen years old at the time and was so weak he had to be carried to our Doctor. Since I have sponsored him I received my first picture of him standing on his own and smiling for the first time, holding the money I sent him. This is truly what keeps me going in this business.  Please, I encourage you to see the attached letter address to Mr. Porter and write him with your concerns. For this is your tax dollars not at work!
This is an emergency situation. I beg you for your help. We ran into many good hearted Haitian people that just need a fresh start. Haitian people are very proud people and are not used to these living conditions. All of the government buildings were destroyed; there is no government assistance to help them. Most of the money promised they have not received. There is more Non Profits on the ground in Haiti then anywhere around the world but you cannot see what they are doing. Those of you who know us, friends and family please help us. 
I have also attached an interview I did on 102.3 FM KJLH with host Dominique Daprima talking about the incident with USAID (before I sent the letter).  I have also been on with Keidi Adwadu discussing this issue.

Please join Mothers for Africa and Light Path for Haiti on our next trip:

Please join forces with us on our next trip in March and you can witness firsthand what is going on in Haiti. Please, if you cannot attend the next trip do a fundraiser for us. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

Nehanda (Nana).

Mothers for Africa, The Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation

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