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Friday, August 28, 2009

NY: Reality in the U.S - Robert Gumbs on Healthcare

As I watch events taking place in America today I am sickened. As far as Health care is concerned, the only chance for Single Payment is within the House. The Senate is just the opposite.

So that there is no mistake - I am for National Health Care - without any interference by the Insurance Companies. Now I was a cripple for about 6 years, I spent more time in an out of the Veterans Hospitals than I spent in my residence. I was fortunate enough to get on Social Security and receive Medicare. This past February I was admitted to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where my spine was removed and replaced with a metal substitute, was it because of my medicare? The doctor who performed the surgery worked on me for over 14 hours. The good doctor would have done the surgery weather I had Medicare or not. Would I have gotten through the Emergency Room, and be introduced to the Neurosurgeon? Who knows. However, I know better than most - the travails of the American care system. I know of the duplicity and heartlessness that Insurance companies put most of the American people through. In a sane society such as France Belgium or Britain, health care is a right of every human being, just like calling a cop or a fireman for assistance. This Market Capitalistic nut house that America has become is so captivated by wealth and greed, that the corporate bullies would charge us for the air we breathe if we are not careful.

So there it is - my heart is for a National Health System - period.

The problem with all of this is that too many of us, at least in this part of the country don't really understand who the enemy is. It's like the old cartoon," we have met the enemy and they is us!"

For those of us who come from the Northeast, especially New York that might seem a little strange, however, if you have had any experience living in America - and I don't mean New York, you will understand what I mean. First of all, New York hasn't been part of the rest of America since the mid 60's. There is a huge group of Americans that need National Health care, but unfortunately, by the same token, you have a huge group of Americans that believe that government interference in health care is anathema. The latter group is obviously ignorant - but they do exist.

I did surveying across the country and I tell you there are a large amount of folks that just want the Federal government to disappear, except for the military of course. You go out to Missouri, or Meridian, Mississippi or Southern Virginia, and live amongst those folks as I have done and you will see for yourself.

You have to realize that far too many Americans, many as poor as church mice, will denounce government like it was sin, they don't care that it could make their lives better. I met working class white folks in Florida that think that FDR and the New Deal were a part of the plan of the anti-Christ.

There is a belief, especially among whites in the more rural areas especially, that only a weakling and blacks and latino's take help from the government. Never mind how the corporate world robs us all, or the fact that the military industrial complex bleeds our citizens of more treasure than any enemy has since 1945.

The Green Party has to understand the problem from a political and psychological level.

At a time when our nation has the technology to feed, clothe, educate and provide health care for every human being in this country. Our citizens, even those with health care are shuffling along like natives in a so-called third world country. But the vast majority of American don't attack the basic problems - they even join hands with their own oppressors. What the Green Party has to do is show the American people why we are the ones to protect their interests, as opposed to any other political party. We have to show them that we're mature enough to actually run a government. We also need to show the American people how to fight for their own best interests and what those best interests are.

Robert "Bob" Gumbs, veteran and Green Party candidate for the 15th Congressional District in the US House (Charles Rangel's seat) has been an active member of the Green Party of New York for 5 years . Bob is the newly elected Black Caucus Delegate to the GPUS National Committee.

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