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Monday, April 24, 2017


ASA GORDON, ) ) Plaintiff ) ) v. ) Case 1:16-cv-02458-RJL ) NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND ) RECORDS ADMINISTRATION, et al. ) ) Defendants ) _______________________________

"..This Case or Controversies arises out of the ministerial legal duties of the defendant National Archives and Records Administration’s (NARA) Office of the Federal Register (OFR) required by law to perform certain functions relating to the Electoral College. NARA acting pursuant to 3 U.S.C. 6, 11, 12, and 13, creates legal rights to "ensure" the constitutional integrity of "Certificates of Votes", including by its publication of "Provisions of the Constitution and United States Code relating to Presidential Elections" an enforceable right to receive truthful information concerning the electoral process that automatically creates standing if these rights are violated. “[t]he actual or threatened injury required by Art. III may exist solely by virtue of ‘statutes creating legal rights, the invasion of which creates standing….’ ” Warth v. Seldin, supra, at 500, 95 S.Ct., at 2205, quoting Linda R.S. v. Richard D., 410 U.S. 614, 617, n. 3, 93 S.Ct. 1146, 1148, n. 3, 35 L.Ed.2d 536 (1973). Furthermore, Defendants' have not contested arguments rasied in Plaintiff's Memorandum in Support of Plaintiff's Motion for leave to File Amended Complaint. _______________________________ * Case 1:16-cv-02458-RJL _ Document 17 ..."  Click here to view

Affidavit of Asa Gordon, Exe. Dir. DIG...

 Duly sworn, under oath, I Asa Gordon make the following statement:
 I am a co-founder and Executive Director of the Douglass Institute of
Government(DIG). I am a resident of the District of Columbia and a registered voter of
this jurisdiction.
 In mid November of 2000, associates of co-founder of DIG Lawrence Douglass Jamison,esq (dec.)
from across the country, and in particular from the States of Georgia and Florida, made inquiries of
DIG as to what redress or penalties were available to citizens with respect to disenfranchisement in
Florida's 2000 Presidential elections under the Constitution of the United States. Particular inquiries
were made of DIG when it was reported in the media that the Florida legislature had threatened to
select the Florida presidential electors without regard for state or federal court guidelines. In
consultation with Jamison we made several inquiries of local officials, professors of law, civil rights
organizations and attorneys as to what course may be undertaken to lodge a grievance for infringement
on the constitutional right of suffrage and what related information may be readily available to the
public. From these inquiries we were led to reference Government web pages on the Presidential
election process maintained by the National Archives and Records Administrations' (NARA) Office of
the Federal Register (OFR). We passed this information on to those who had made inquiries of DIG
without review at that time.
By late December of 2000, after a later review, I became aware that the OFR had posted at their web
site on the electoral college an Internet reference link to a particular document, Relevant Provisions of
the U.S. Constitution and Federal Law: under the heading General Information. This Internet reference
seriously misinforms the general public of their electoral rights. At this same web site, under the
heading State Resources, the OFR provided a link to Letter from the Archivist to Governors. I became
aware that the flawed document at the agency web site is published in pamphlet form "for use by the
Executives and Electors of the several States in the performance of their duties in connection with
Presidential Electors." See Amended Complaint at ¶8. Before I had made these discoveries I
mistakenly used the OFR internet links to pass their flawed document on to my associates in November
of 2000.
As a consequence of my lectures over the last decade and a half on behalf of DIG and as Secretary
General of the United States Colored Troops chartered by the African American Civil War Museum
Freedom foundation on the post Civil War Reconstruction Era in U.S. history, I became cognizant of
the fact that the OFR had committed a serious error in judgment in the publication of their pamphlet
entitled "Provisions of the Constitution and United States Code relating to Presidential Elections" by
their exclusion of the second section of the fourteenth amendment. To my dismay, I later learned that
local officials, professors of law, civil rights organizations, Internet web sites on electoral rights, law
libraries, Government documents libraries, and attorneys practicing Civil Rights law are profoundly
influenced by this inaccurate OFR source. This misinformation was, in fact, a major cause for the
ignorance and disbelief that many local officials, professors of law, civil rights organizations and
attorneys displayed in response to my personal herculean efforts to bring general public and
professional awareness to this missing provision of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S.
 At the Federal Register Main Page ( the OFR proclaimed
"OFR plays an important role in: The Electoral College",
( The OFR also
"Our Mission
The Office of the Federal Register (OFR) informs citizens of their rights and obligations by
providing ready access to the official text of Federal laws, Presidential documents,
administrative regulations and notices, and descriptions of Federal organizations, programs
and activities."
 At the Electoral College Link), the OFR declared:
"U. S. Electoral College
The Office of the Federal Register coordinates the functions of the Electoral College on
behalf of the Archivist of the United States, the States, the Congress, and the American
People. ..."
In fulfillment of their declared mission, the OFR has produced "Provisions of the Constitution
and United States Code relating to Presidential Elections" as General Information within the zone of
interest of all citizens. This document is posted on the Internet by the OFR and is broadly linked to and
reproduced at numerous public Internet sites. This document has also been reproduced in pamphlet
form for public dissemination by the Superintendent of Documents as Gov. Doc. No. AE 2.102:P
92/2000 for acquisition by public and academic libraries pursuant to the Federal Register Act
44U.S.C.15. & 1CFR2. Thus actual injury to a broadly misinformed citizenry has been realized and
threatens to be perpetuated unabated.
I have informed NARA and the DC Secretary of State of the error in OFRs' judgment to exclude
from the pamphlet "Provisions of the Constitution and United States Code relating to Presidential
Elections" that portion of the Constitution that pertains more directly to voting rights of individuals and
the penalty for disregarding those rights".
 NARA belittles my effort as a member of that class of misinformed and targeted citizens who
has chosen to exercise his obligation to safeguard his rights once realized. Acting under the purview of
the Federal Register Act 44U.S.C.15;1CFR2, NARA has exacted actual injury upon me directly by
asserting they have no obligation to correct any wrongful editorial judgment identified by me in
fulfillment of their stated mission to inform me of my electoral rights, nor or they obligated to correct
any wrongful editorial judgment that threatens injury to my electoral rights by misinformed officials
who rely on NARA for guidance in protecting my electoral rights. Thus the injury I have suffered is
both actual and threatened by the only agency that has the statutory authority and responsibility to
correct this case or controversy.

I affix my signature hereto.
Asa Gordon, PRO SE
Executive Director and Founder
Douglass Institute of Government 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

GPUS RacistElectoralReformPlatformPlank

This video is posted in response to requests to provide context for my
comments on the Saturday Morning Program addressing the adoption of the
Green Party platform for 2016, August 6th, at the Green Party National
Presidential Convention, Green 2016, Houston, Texas August 4-7, 2016 in
regards to the Platform Approval of an Electoral Reform plank grounded in a
redemption era legacy to restore white supremacy in the former Confederate

Green Solutions

1. Electoral reform for a better democracy.
f. Abolish the Electoral College and provide for the direct national
election of the president by Instant Runoff Voting. As a step in that
direction, support National Popular Vote legislation which would guarantee
the Presidency to the Presidential candidate who receives the most popular
votes in all 50 states (and the District of Columbia), which would take
effect only when enacted, in identical form, by states possessing a
majority of the electoral votes -- that is, enough electoral votes to elect
a President(270 of 538).

This platform plank is grounded in neo-redemptionist Supreme Court
decisions in 1892 & 1875 that overturned reconstruction by gutting the
Voting Rights of the formally enslaved pursuant to the Second Section of
the Fourteenth Amendment and reestablished white supremacy throughout the
former rebellious confederate states.

The following corrective electoral reform that honors the Voting Rights
legacy of the United States Colored Troops received a majority of the votes
but was essentially vetoed by the overwhelming disparate votes by the
Greens of California who sponsored the offending platform that dishonors
the legacy of the Reconstruction era White Abolitionists and Civil War
veterans of African descent.

{Rejected} platform amendment with majority support.

f. Abolish the Electoral College and provide for the direct national
election of the president by Instant Runoff Voting. In the interim support
The Malapportionment Penalty MAP initiative to Democratize the Electoral
College by enforcement of "the right to vote" Reconstruction amendment
(Amend. XIV§2 ) that mandates a state's proportional allocation of
presidential electors based on the popular vote split or suffer a
"Reduction of Representation" in the electoral college / members to
congress subject to (2USC§6).

Thanks to all for expressing interest in my concern with the GPUS National
Popular Vote (NPV) Electoral reform platform plank grounded on a
neo-redemptionist Supreme Court ruling that "gutted" the reconstruction
amendment that secured the franchise for the former enslaved of African
descent, and in the restoration of the Malapportionment Penalty (MAP)
alternative reform plank.


Historical Contextual WEB site:

The Malapportionment Penalty MAP initiative is to "Democratize the
Electoral College" by enforcement of "the right to vote" Reconstruction
amendment (Amend. XIV§2 ) that mandates a state's proportional allocation
of presidential electors based on the popular vote split or for the state
to suffer a "Reduction of Representation" in the electoral college /
members to congress pursuant to (2USC§6) .

The Constitution's Voting Rights Apportionment Formula
The Constitution's malapportionment penalty clause establishes a de jure
apportionment formula that mandates proportional representational redress
for de facto partisan abridgment of voting rights.

Asa Gordon, Chair DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MAP initiative to be honored and featured at National Conference for Civil Rights

"At long last, after a decade and a half of advocacy by Asa Gordon and a majority of the Green Party to enforce "the right to vote" Mal-Apportionment Penalty (MAP) clause in Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (Amend. XIV§2), a clause that mandates proportional allocation of elected representatives based on the popular vote split, or for a state to suffer a "Reduction of Representation" pursuant to title 2 section 6 of the United States Code (2USC§6) for any abridgment of citizen voting rights , the MAP initiative (voting rights "Roots") will be honored and featured in a National Conference for Civil Rights activists.

I am honored to serve as a keynote speaker, to be granted two workshops and invited as a singular conference presenter at the 6th National Civil Rights Conference to present the full scope of the historical and contemporary context for the modern  application of the MAP initiative for voting rights..." 

 I would like to take this opportunity for a personal shout out to those whose support of my efforts in regards to the MAP initiative over the last decade and a half are inestimable: The Late Lawrence Jamison, esquire, Gary Michael Coutin, esquire, Garrine P. Laney, Scott Mclarty, Alexis Scott, Herb & Lenora Foerstel, Netfa Freeman, Diane F. White, Kimberly Wilder, C.R. Gibbs, Lawrence Jackson, Frank Hanrahan, Frank Gordon, Pat LaMarche, Cynthia McKinney, Jabari, Hugh Esco, Morgan Moss, Rick & Michele, John Antrony La Pieta, Herb Gonzales, Jr., George Martin, Paul Pumphrey, David Schwartzman, Dr. Keith D. Parker, Dr. Frank Smith, Brent McMillan, Perry Redd, William Powell Jones, Richard Kreiter, AH American History TV C-Span 3, Carol Gordon."

 - Asa Gordon

6th National Civil Rights Conference
Meridian/Philadelphia, Mississippi

June 19 – 22, 2016
Conference Theme
Rise, Advocate, Educate and Cooperate:
Honoring the Past and Embracing the Future
The National Education and Empowerment Coalition, Inc., the Cities of Philadelphia and Meridian (Mississippi), and the 2016 National Civil Rights Conference Planning Committee cordially invite you to attend the Sixth Annual National Civil Rights Conference.  This exciting and informative conference will be held in Meridian, Mississippi and promises to generate considerable intellectual dialogue and debate, as well as create opportunities to strengthen existing networks and forge new opportunities for professional development and personal growth - see  conference agenda highlights at the following web site (click on the information tab in upper right corner).
The National Civil Rights Conference will coincide with [1] the Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Memorial Services, an annual event remembering and honoring the three slain civil rights workers (James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner) and other Mississippi civil rights movement participants; [2] memorial activities on the grounds of the Historic Mt. Zion United Methodist Church - see attachment # 1; and [3] the Civil Rights and Social Justice Awards presentation - see attachment #2.

The planning committee is very please to share attachment #3 with you,  the keynote speakers and panel discussions.  Please share the attached information with family and friends.

Conference registration information and materials are posted on the above web site.  Contact the planning committee chair ( or visit the conference web site for additional conference information.

Keith D. Parker, Chair

2016 National Civil Rights Conference Planning Committee

Saturday, November 7, 2015

SKCM Curry strategist talks on Green Party run for President

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry an experienced Green Party strategist discuss structure, growth and outreach to engage the public as a Green Presidential candidate.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eugene Puryear for D.C. Council At Large

We need your support all year!
Remember to vote:
✓ April 1: in the D.C. Statehood Green Party Primary
✓ November 4: in the General Election

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Louisiana Green Party is excited about having our own, Asa Gordon as a presenter at our conference....

The Louisiana Green Party is excited about having our own, Asa Gordon as a presenter at our conference.  In order for this to happen we need your help, please vote to approve the expenditure of $500.00 from the Green Party Black Caucus's treasury to cover one round trip ticket and hotel room accommodation for two nights for Asa Gordon.  

Please respond with your questions or vote too this email because this is how we are keeping a tally of the votes.  Please respond with a yes or no vote.

More information about the conference can be found at the following website:


Morgan Moss, JR
Louisiana Green Party Co-Chair

Monday, August 5, 2013

"How Black Civil War Veterans Reconstructed the Union and Established Democracy in America" was presented at the Green Party of the United States 2013 Annual National Meeting

"...On Friday July 26th, 2013, Asa Gordon, Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force and Secretary General of the Sons & Daughters United States Colored Troops, presented a  special version of the signature African American Civil War Memorial  "Historical Voting Rights" Civil War Sesquicentennial Lecture: The USCT Legacy of National Redemption and Democracy ( How Black Civil War Veterans Reconstructed the Union and Established Democracy in America)  during the party's 2013 Annual Meeting in Iowa City, Iowa  at the Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa..."

Event Url

Iowa Press citizen Url

Iowa Press citizen

"...In the aftermath of America's Civil War it was accepted that the union had  been saved, but "The reinauguration of the national authority-reconstruction"  (A. Lincoln) and the establishment of full participatory democracy was still very  much in doubt. The lecture presents ignored historical facts, and reveals the  hidden Civil Rights legacy of how Black Civil War veterans reconstituted the  nation in alignment with the DECLARATION and established the foundation of  citizens' voting rights in the United States of America.

The lecture was adapted  for the 2013_GPUSANM to provide explicit historical progressive  reconstruction era constitutional context for  the "Democratize the Electoral College Civil Action" Gordon vs Clerk of HOR now pending  in Federal Court. The  lecture demonstrates how voter suppression tactics, "Winner-take-all",  and "Gerrymandered Districts" in national presidential elections violates the electoral mandate of the second section of the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution  adopted during Reconstruction. The presentation  also exposes that the misguided National Popular Vote (NPV) initiative is grounded in a reactionary redemption era Supreme Court ruling that overturned Reconstruction to reestablish white supremacy, and furthermore explicitly violates the malapportionment clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Green Pages has published a full online article based on this lecture that details the contemporary context of the Federal Civil Action..."

Asa Gordon_(202)635-7926
Exe. Dir. Douglass Institute of Government
Sec. Gen. Sons & Daughters United States Colored Troops
Chair DC Statehood Green Party Electoral College Task Force
NASA /GSFC Astrodynamicist (Ret.)

12 min video featuring Asa Gordon on MAP Civil Action "Democratizing the Electoral College"

Political Prisoners

August 2, 2007--Imam Jamil Al-Amin has been moved to federal custody!

Correspondence with the commissioner should be put on hold for now, updates will be announced as they occur

Please keep the Imam and his family in your thoughts and prayers

Read the details on his transfer

(the former H. Rap Brown)
547 West End Pl. SW
ATLANTA, GA. 30310

Real killer confesses--again--to the killing of Kinchen--Atlanta deputy sheriff for whose shooting death Imam Jamil was convicted and sentenced to life in prison! The State refuses to consider his confession, while continuing to keep Imam Jamil wrongfully imprisoned and isolated.




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