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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Green Party Black Caucus partners with Brothers and Sisters International and Bassin Zim EDF to help earthquake victims in Haiti

Our hearts go out to our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti in the wake of yet another terrible disaster.  The Green Party Black Caucus in Partnership with Brothers and Sisters International have supported the efforts of Bassin Zim Education and Development Fund's SEEDS for HAITI  emergency initiative since its launch in March 2009.  The goal at that time was to raise $115,000, provide 5,000 Haitian peasant families each with enough to buy bean and corn seeds to prevent post-hurricane famine.

That goal is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what is needed now.  We need to increase our efforts by doing all we can and then some.   By working directly with Black Caucus member,  Paul Pumphrey of Brothers and Sisters International we increase the chances of getting the help directly to victims and  their families both here in the United States and in Haiti.

Please help the earthquake victims in Haiti...

 Or send your contributions to 

Bassin Zim EDF
PO Box 360125
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Telephone: (917) 378-2192

Bassin Zim EDF is a non-profit organization that provides short term aid to disaster victims, and supports long-term agricultural and environmental improvement in Haiti . Bassin Zim EDF supports peasant organizing, education, and women owned businesses, and serve as a conduit for financial donations to Haitian organizations.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NEW Court Order to Rule on Gordon v. Biden without Oral Argument

On Monday, January 11, 2010 the  court  concluded, on its own motion, that oral argument would not assist the court in the case of Gorden v. Biden.

Asa Gordon's  Oral Argument on Democratizing the Electoral College, a major voting rights civil action  endorsed by the Green Party Black Caucus in 2004, had been scheduled for oral argument in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (No. 09-5142) on Thursday, January 14, 2010.    "...Accordingly, the court will dispose of the appeal without oral argument on the basis of the record and the presentations in the briefs. See Fed. R. App. 34(a)(2); D.C. Cir. Rule 34(j)."

Asa Gordon, chair of the DC Statehood Green Party's Electoral College Task Force and executive director of the Douglass Institute of Government filed this civil action in the US District Court for the District of Columbia (1:08-cv-01294) on July 28, 2008 to protect the rights of presidential electors and the voters they represent. 

Since the debacle of the 2000 presidential election, the DC Statehood Green Party, in partnership with the Douglass Institute of Government, has led the way in educating the general citizenry of their constitutional "right to vote" under the provisions of paragraph two of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (Amend. XIV§2) and statutory code (2U.S.C.§6)

12 min video featuring Asa Gordon on MAP Civil Action "Democratizing the Electoral College"

Political Prisoners

August 2, 2007--Imam Jamil Al-Amin has been moved to federal custody!

Correspondence with the commissioner should be put on hold for now, updates will be announced as they occur

Please keep the Imam and his family in your thoughts and prayers

Read the details on his transfer

(the former H. Rap Brown)
547 West End Pl. SW
ATLANTA, GA. 30310

Real killer confesses--again--to the killing of Kinchen--Atlanta deputy sheriff for whose shooting death Imam Jamil was convicted and sentenced to life in prison! The State refuses to consider his confession, while continuing to keep Imam Jamil wrongfully imprisoned and isolated.




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