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Sunday, August 30, 2009

MD: GPBC Member Morning Sunday-Hettleman says Good Bye to Senator Ted Kennedy, May he finally RIP

Saturday, we said goodbye to the youngest child of Joseph and Rosemary Kennedy, the brother of John, Robert, Rosemary and Ethel . He alone of all the brothers, "lived to comb gray hair" as the Irish poet said.

Senator Ted Kennedy, a father, brother, husband, uncle and grandfather. A champion to those who had none ,the soul of the democratic party, and very, very, human.

I have told and retold the story of Chappaquiddick,…..and Mary Joe Kopechne. Usually, to buttress my theory that the Kennedy boys, trust fund baby’s, were high class whores. After reading Ted Kennedy’s explanation, I had to give him props for, explaining , a alcohol fueled, booty call attempt, resulting in a tragic loss of life, in a way that allowed him to continue his lifestyle. He didn't do it alone, he had a lot of help, the community , States Attorney, the Judge and the media.

Yes, Kennedy's law license was revoked, but he only received a suspended two-month jail sentence, had he been a Black male from a urban center it might have cost him his life, headlines, " Black man kills white woman", life or the gas chamber, that’s how it usually ends. He would have been given no chance at redemption and at the very least he would have faced a ruined life. While Chappaquiddick did cost Senator Kennedy his shot at the Presidency, he continued to enjoy a life based on privilege and class.

How could someone , with such obvious faults and frailties wind up a powerful member of Congress, a "white knight" advancing the cause of fairness ? Well, being white, rich, well connected and a member of America’s royal family, gives you a head start.

But, Senator Kennedy, turned his life around, reset his compass, he knew his stuff, mastered his material , did his work, practiced principles that afforded him respect from the American people and his colleagues.

In life, his endorsement of the Obama candidacy, bestowed a mantle of respectability, it spoke of great promise. His death pulled President Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire ( for a minute). His funeral gave President Obama a chance to remind people of his connection with that power, the love, the respect we afford the Kennedy’s, (that great soap opera family) and to be seen as heir to a legacy.

I’ll have lots of opportunities to dish on other whorish rich white men, who receive special treatment when they misbehave, there are certainly enough of them . Gov. Sanford , Sen. Larry Craig, Sen. David Vitter, Sen. John Ensign, Rep. Vito Fossella , John Edwards, ( these are some of the ones who got caught) I urge you, follow Senator Kennedy’s expansive example, redeem yourself, there is work to do, causes to espouse, hopes to keep alive and dreams that should not be allowed to die. You have confessed , acknowledged your sins, here is your chance to dedicate your life to social justice as Senator Ted Kennedy did..

Ted Kennedy, told us: 'Individual faults and frailties are no excuse to give in and no exemption from the common obligation to give of ourselves.'

Rest in peace, Ted Kennedy.

Morning Sunday Hettleman
"The Environmental Report"
GPBC Media Committee
Baltimore Maryland

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  1. Great article about the legacy of Edward Kennedy for the African American community. This is a very special perspective on the legacy of Edward Kennedy and how it could inspire the African American experience in the America of today.


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